“To be the authority in Barbados for drug abuse reduction.” 


We will strive to achieve our vision by:

  • Cultivating for staff and NCSA volunteers a working environment that is harmonious, purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling;
  • Empowering community-based organisations and private citizens through our creative, innovative and knowledge-based programmes;
  • Engendering a collaborative relationship with government through our advice on policy, assistance in its implementation and maintenance and commitment to accountability;
  • Facilitating the growth and development of treatment and rehabilitation entities;
  • Networking and initiating alliances with regional and international associates to inform policy, and obtain support for the development and enhancement of all resources;
  • Working collaboratively with the law enforcement fraternity to integrate and enhance relevant programme components;
  • Building strong alliances with relevant social partners


  • Integrity: being truthful and honest in all business transactions; standing for what is right; honouring our commitment to our stakeholders; impressing on our stakeholders to be transparent in their business practices.
  • Respect: treating all individuals with courtesy and dignity; acknowledging the value of each individual with whom we come into contact; showing a willingness at all times to seek the best interest and wellbeing of employees, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Teamwork: working together; valuing the contribution of each individual to the objectives of the organisation; engaging in the sharing of ideas and knowledge among employees, clients and other stakeholders; encouraging cooperative efforts at all levels to shared aspirations.
  • Trust: upholding the confidence that is placed on you; having the courage to act on our convictions; demonstrating the moral responsibility to deliver on that which is due, reasonable and merited or promised.
  • Creativity: seizing initiatives and looking outward for innovative ways to improve; exploring alternative solutions.
  • Efficiency: accomplishing desired results using minimum resources; being highly sensitive to the needs of colleagues and client groups; aiming for continuous quality improvement in our day-to-day operations.
  • Commitment: committing to be open, flexible, reliable and accountable in delivering service; demonstrating allegiance to the organisation’s vision, mission and values.

The NCSA Logo


The logo represents two hands reaching out in support of each other. The open-ended box symbolizes acceptance, warmth, and a non-discriminatory approach towards persons with drug addiction.