Volunteer with NCSA

Come and Volunteer

Volunteers are an important resource to the National Council on Substance Abuse because they work both to supplement and complement the efforts of salaried staff, thereby helping us to enhance the quality, quantity and efficiency of the services we offer.

Volunteers have been an integral part of the NCSA’s development since 1997. Our first volunteers were recruited in four categories:

  • Persons wishing to educate in schools;
  • Persons wishing to educate in communities;
  • Recovering addicts who speak about their personal journey; and
  • Volunteers who provide in-house/ administrative assistance.

Over the years, training and development opportunities have been provided for the volunteers particularly in the areas of basic addictions theory; prevention strategies; intervention strategies and referral to treatment; the role of families among others. The Council has benefitted from exposure to best practice in the creation of its volunteer pool and we recognize FAVACA  (the Florida International Volunteer Corps) for its unwavering support in our formative years.

As the demands of the Council’s mandate have grown, so too has the need for the NCSA to extend its outreach to prevent that first instance of substance abuse and to provide assistance to those who have been already negatively impacted by improper drug use- both legal and illegal.

Increasingly, volunteers play a significant role in the delivery of NCSA drug prevention programs and the NCSA continues to extend its sincere appreciation for their efforts.


If you want to make a difference and can say yes to the following:

  • Are you sixteen (16) years of age or older?
  • Can you provide a valid Police Certificate of Character?
  • Are you willing to undergo in-house screening?
  • Would you be willing to participate in drug education training?
  • Are you a recovering addict, who has maintained sobriety for at least three (3) years immediately prior?

Then, we invite you to complete an application form for our consideration.

Application Forms

Volunteer application forms can be completed online.  Alternatively, interested persons can collect application forms from the National Council on Substance Abuse, Cnr. 1st Avenue Belleville & Pine Road, St. Michael.