Be strong during COVID-19 curfew

We are here to help during this time

The National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA) is encouraging persons who have difficulty managing alcohol-use "not to give up" during the period of the 24-hour curfew. 

In addition to the closure of non-essential businesses and supermarkets, the curfew restrictions imposed by the Mottley-administration also includes a ban on the sale of alcohol. 

The NCSA said while they support the ban, they are cognizant that these restrictions may pose an issue to some. 

"We support the Government’s measure to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages during this time, but recognise that this may also result in related health problems for those who experience problematic use of this substance: - issues of withdrawal, coping, other psychological challenges."

Health authorities have not given a clear word as to whether the 24-hour curfew will be lifted on April 14. The NCSA said they will continue to offer counselling support throughout the curfew period to anyone who may be impacted by the misuse of any substance. 

"To this extent, we are urging you not to give up or to give in."

The NCSA is urging the public to call 239- 0584 or 230- 0377, if there is a family member or relative who requires help managing substance abuse issues during this time.