Community Programme Goals:

  • To reduce incidences of drug trafficking
  • To reduce the incidences of the use of drugs in sports
  • To prevent or reduce consumption of licit or illicit drugs by workers  
  • To reduce the risks associated with substance use while increasing protective factors
  • To promote/enhance the life skills of young people in regard to drugs and their health
  • To introduce alternative activities to drug use and deviant behaviour.

As outlined in CICAD Hemispheric guidelines on the Construction of a Holistic Community-Based Model of Demand Reduction 2013, the Health Promotion Models will be used as a guide:

Ø  Informational: when appropriate information is disseminated among the intended population,

Ø  Empowerment: When members of the community capacity to act on circumstances and identify the potential choices they can make,

Ø  Community: which conceives of health on the basis of changes in the community achieved through collective action.

Successful prevention programmes around the world have reported that using a minimum of ten interactive sessions contributed in large measure to the programmes’ success. Additionally, giving the participants the opportunity to practice skills also reinforced information learnt.

NCSA Community Programmes Include:

Drug Awareness Month (January & June)

Polyclinic Programme

Project Safeguarding Our Future Today (Project SOFT)

Sports Not Drugs

Stop! Think! Choose! (Programme for the Deaf, Hearing Impaired and other disabled populations)

Volunteer Training

Workplace Intervention