Project Soft A Success

Terhya Griffith and Javonte Forde, are the Top Girl and Top Boy of Project S.O.F.T

Terhya Griffith and Javonte Forde, are the Top Girl and Top Boy of Project S.O.F.T. (Safeguarding Our Future Today) programme run by The National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA).

The announcement was made by coordinator of the programme Mrs. Makeada Bourne during a short ceremony at the NCSA conference room recently.

The two came out on top from a field of thirty-five boys and girls who took part in the one-week residential camp, which is now in its 17th year. The camp is designed to expose students to the various changes they will undergo as they transition into teenagers.

Mrs. Bourne in announcing the winners said parents and students continue to give great reviews of the programme, “Many parents cannot believe how one week can change how their children’s growth in terms of discipline, attitude and helpfulness.”

“Although the Covid 19 restrictions have forced us to host this graduation exercise in a different format, I am still happy that we can have a forum where we salute you for your exemplary work and your parents who continue to place trust in the NCSA,” she said.

Most Improved Camper was James Patterson from Green Hulks, Runner Up Top Boy Naeem Phillips from Blue Giants and Runner Up Top Girl Jalana Eastmond from Purple Panthers.

Also addressing yesterday’s event was NCSA Chairman Hadford Howell. He believes that parents and children alike have had to adjust to what he referred to as ‘new normal’ times.

He contends that “Having healthy and positive family relationships should remain a focus of parents and guardians. Children being responsible in such an environment is also essential if there is to be love and harmony within first, the home, and then society – our learning institutions, workplaces, religious and recreational areas.”

The thirty-five participants were exposed to a wide variety of life skills including effective communication, values, etiquette, relationship building and self-discipline. “To these learnt skills, I encourage you to add sharing, caring and helping. In this COVID-19 season, this is what we all must do. These last 3 things are also key skills for your future success,” the Chairman said.