Observatory on Drugs

What is a National Drugs Observatory (NDO)

  • Represents a broad and systematic approach to the collection and dissemination of objective, reliable and comparable  information on drug use and drug addiction
  • Provides a comprehensive understanding of the drug situation
  • Informs a national strategy to address drug-related problems

Core Functions of an NDO

  • Collects drug-related data and monitors drug trends at the national level
  • Integrates extensive sources of information on the demand for and supply of legal and illegal drugs including surveillance programs such as the Early Warning System, surveys and Rapid Assessment studies.
  • Presents data using descriptive and analytical tools
  • Reports and communicate results.

Reporting of Data and the NDO

  • Reporting and communication of results are the most important tasks of the NDO.
  • Outputs are what justify the NDO’s existence.

Importance of Funding to NDO

  • Critical to the functioning of the NDO is adequate funding.
  • Government support and establishing linkages with local, regional and the international community are necessary to ensure the long-term contribution of the NDO to national development plans.