Drugs & My World

Voices of the Children (Class Two)

  • Goals
    • To increase awareness of the impact of substance use on the individual and wider society
    • To increase awareness of self development and maintaining healthy practices
    • To demonstrate communication skills through the arts
  • Objectives
    • Increase by 10%, knowledge of health risks associated with drug use among Class 2 students
    • Identify 2 ways in which alcohol use affects the user and 2 ways drug use affects others in the community
    • Express ideas and opinions on the topic of drugs through speech and artistic performances
  • “Drugs & My World – Voices of the Children”, is a programme designed to introduce children to some of the health risks associated with the main drugs of choice in Barbados - marijuana, tobacco and alcohol. This programme also explores the implications of an individual’s drug use on the community and identifies agencies that offer help for the drug user and those affected by their use.
  • Subsequent to the educational component, under the direction of their teacher, the children will be encouraged to access the mass media for additional information for the next phase of the programme where they will be given the opportunity to express their ideas through speech making and the performing arts.