Jugs & Herrings

All Year Groups

  • In 1986, the Health Education Authority (UK) began the Primary Schools Project, the aim of which was to research the knowledge and attitudes of primary aged children towards a variety of aspects of health. The project introduced a technique called ‘Draw and Write’ asking children to demonstrate what they already know about different issues, one of which was drugs. This particular section of the research became known as “Jugs & Herrings” as the children were drawing and writing of jugs instead of drugs and herrings instead of heroin.

    This methodology is now recognised as good practice for establishing a baseline for any type of personal, social and health education. It can also be used a tool to monitor & evaluate drug education programmes.

  • Aim
    • To assess children’s prior knowledge and attitudes to drugs and drug taking
  • Objective
    • To assess the appropriate starting point for drug education for pupils in the group