Safe & Unsafe

Reception & Infants A

  • Goal
    • To demonstrate the use of decision-making skills among Primary School children in Barbados
    • To enhance knowledge of good health practices
  • Objectives
    • Identify one (1) graphic and one (1) written warning label found on household substances
    • Demonstrate the ability to choose randomly selected household items and decide if they are safe for oral consumption
    • Explain how to keep safe around unknown substances
    • Identify two (2) trusted adults that can help them keep safe
    • Increase awareness of the dangers associated with putting unknown substances in the mouth
  • Safe & Unsafe” explores the dangers of everyday household products while giving the participants the opportunity to demonstrate their decision-making skills by identifying and evaluating a variety of objects.
  • The areas probed include those of inhalants, alcohol, tobacco and the appropriate use of medication. The children are encouraged to read labels and to recognise DANGER and CAUTION signs & symbols, to help them determine measures of safety.
  • This low-cost single session activity makes good use of visual and tactile learning aides and has been in operation since 2003. The sessions tend to be well received by children and teachers, many of whom have stated that their intention to incorporate similar teaching mechanisms into their programmes.