Life Education Centre

Nursery - Class 4

  • The LEC is a mobile, 40-foot air-conditioned, containerized classroom, fully outfitted with high-tech educational and interactive tools, which help to promote healthy lifestyles among the students. The LEC uses various teaching aids to promote among the students awareness of their body and how it works, with particular emphasis on the effects of drug use. In addition, the programme exposes students to skills and strategies to allow them to cope with stressful situations such as bullying, peer pressure, and aggressive behaviour.  All of the programmes are delivered by specially trained educators who use a child centred holistic approach to build up self-esteem and a sense of worth.
  • For optimal effectiveness, prevention messages should be repeated over a period. The LEC programme has been reformatted with a greater emphasis on drug prevention, which aims to bolster the effectiveness of the intervention by engaging the audience more frequently. The modified selection of interventions include elements of programmes previously developed for this population and provides a more comprehensive package for the children.